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How to determine the shape of the eyes


Everyone’s eyes are different. This is an important part of giving each of us natural beauty. Our first-class eyelash extensions are suitable for all different types of eye shapes. It can be helpful to know how to find your client’s eye shape so you can know exactly which eyelash extension is best for your client and their own specific beauty needs. In our eyelash extension training course, you’ll learn how to look at a client’s eye shape, face shape and overall style during an eyelash consultation, then make recommendations on which eyelash extensions work best for their personal style and personal facial expression, as well as their structure lifestyle.

Here’s a quick breakdown on eye shape, how to find your client’s eye shape, and why eye shape matters when considering which lash extensions to try.

different types of eye shapes

There are several different types of eye shapes. Since each eye shape has its own unique way of being beautiful, certain types of eyelash extensions are more effective on some eye shapes than others. There is an ideal lash extension for every eye shape.

round eyes

Unsurprisingly, rounded eyes are characterized by being rounder and more rounded. Round eyes usually appear larger and more open than almond-shaped or droopy eyes. With round eye shapes, the key is to be careful not to overemphasize the roundness of the eyes – doing so can sometimes create an undesired bulging look. Tying rounded eyes with longer extensions at the outer corners can help balance their shape in a flattering, glamorous way. Eyelash extensions are good for round eyes because it’s easier to build lighter, more focused scallops on these outer edges.

almond eye

Oval rather than round eyes are often considered almond-shaped. Almond-shaped eyes tend to be well-balanced, but if they’re too deep on the face, they may need to be brightened or made more prominent. Eyelash extensions that are full and thick like lashes work well for almond-shaped eyes, especially if the longer lashes are closer to the center of the cap.

drooping eyes

One thing to watch out for when whipping your client’s eyes is if they roll down at the corners of the eyes. Sagging eyes can cause problems when using lash extensions unless you know which lash to apply. If you use lash extensions that are too heavy, it may give your clients a tired look instead of a flashy one. Eyelashes It’s lightweight yet still provides full, soft volume.