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6 essentials to take care of your nails

We all dream of wearing pretty manicures that highlight our hands. Beyond the nail polish or the shape of your nails that you will choose, the condition of your nails plays an important role. To achieve this, you must take care of your nails.

1- The nail file

The essential accessory: the nail file! In cardboard, metal or glass, it improves the shape of your nails. The file also helps you repair your nails when you have slight breakage or splitting.

80/100 Grit Double Sides Disposable Wooden Nail File

2- Cuticle pusher

The cuticle pusher, the right tool to take care of your cuticles. Remember to soften your cuticles by soaking your nails in warm water for a few seconds, so you can more easily gently push back your cuticles.

Pointy & Oblique Mani and Pedi Orange Wood Stick Cuticle Pusher Tool

3- The polishing block

The polisher is the accessory that allows you to smooth the surface of your nails. At first, eliminate coarse imperfections and make the nail shine. Avoid excessive use at the risk of weakening your nails.

Mini Block Nail Buffer File 80/100 Grit for Professional Nail Salon

4- The base coat

It is a transparent base which prepares the nail for the application of the varnish by depositing a protective film on the nail. It can strengthen the nail, harden it or even promote the growth of your nails.


5- The gentle solvent without acetone

To avoid weakening your nails or attacking them, opt for a mild solvent without acetone.

6- Moisturizing hand cream

Hydration is important to have a nice manicure, so remember to apply a dab of moisturizer on your hands to keep skin supple, soft and perfectly hydrated.


OK! It is recommended that you use gentle manicure sets to care for your nails. If you don’t have nail tools, you can visit our nail supply store.

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